Fotograf Gallery

Confused by an Image
— The Kaleidoscopic and Mosaic-like Perception of the World in the Digital Era

On Monday, October 23, at 6 pm

Discussion with Martina Topinková.

In 2017, the ubiquity of the media comes as apparent, and we filter out the fact that it often manipulates public opinion. We persistently demand the media be objective, but full objectivity is an unachievable ideal – it is always a combination of different perspectives. This also applies to journalistic photography, which we tend to trust and accept uncritically as a true representation of reality. The lecture will focus on several aspects that may be confusing to the consumer of news, and will outline the difference between so-called kaleidoscopic and mosaic-like perceptions of the world through photographs.

Martina Topinková is a lecturer and Ph.D. student at the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University, and editor of the European Journalism Observatory. In her dissertation, she deals with the visual literacy and efficiency of photojournalism in the digital era, with an emphasis on the emotions and feelings that journalistic photography provokes.

The event is part of Fotograf Festival #7  “Eye in the Sky”.


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