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FF #12 | Extremely Normal
— Festival opening

Start: Opening: 6 pm Fotograf Gallery
Tereza Rudolf, Elisabeth Pichler, Markéta Mansfieldová

The exhibition “Extremely Normal” is dedicated to the ambivalence of visual representations of far-right violence. The visual stereotype of the “far-right outlaw” seems to be outdated as it does not grasp the vast extent of the current manifestations of affiliation with extreme nationalist and right-wing policies.

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The Never-ending Egg

Start: 30. 6. - 6 pm

Flesh, meat, skin and leather: different names to describe similar assemblages of cellular tissue. The exhibition reflects on the making and unmaking of bodies and identi- ties, through the reproduction, fabrication and extraction of biological matter. Playing with the fluidity between the naturally procreated and the artificially engineered, The Never E-ending Egg articulates bodies and identities as territorial building materials.

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Fotograf Magazine issues an open call for professionals, amateurs and students who are invited to submit their photo projects. We are interested in artworks (fine-art photography, moving image, etc.) representing a distinctly defined project of an independent and non-commercial character. 

We appreciate all genres and the most diverse approaches of artistic creation, because one of goals of our “Fotograf – zone of contemporary photography” is to discover talents. We are looking for talents of any age. Talents wanted. Let’s sign in!

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Measurement Terror: 1392 Hours of an Exhibition, open for 237 of Those

Start: 14. 4. od 19:00
Tereza Rudolf a Vojtěch Märc

The figure of the measurer is inseparably tied to the modern cultural tradition, particularly from the 19th century onwards. A male figure moves through the landscape, and on his back lies the “weight” of the precise measurement of reality. One of the ways in which photography became historically most useful was as a tool of scientific measurement, where it was to ensure the desired precision and objectivity. Measurement, often aided by photographic technologies, thus plays an essential role in modernity and bears a similar load. The world must first be measured so that it can be cut up and sold.

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Fotograf Gallery is supported by the Czech Ministry of Culture and during the year 2021 by a grant from the City of Prague amounting to 630 000 CZK.