Fotograf Gallery

Workshop Body and Bones

Start: 11. 2. 2023, 14:00

As part of the exhibition Heart Seas, Fotograf Gallery is organizing a participatory workshop with performative elements under the guidance of artist Miroslava Večeřová. Explore your own inner and outer shores with a focus on imaginary creatures in the far reaches of the deep!

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Lucia Sceranková: Heart Seas

Start: 15. 12. 2022, 18:00
Hana Buddeus

Water is fluid, it does not respect boundaries, it overflows, it seeps, it represents a frightening depth, but also a soothing float on a calm surface. We can be inspired by water, and feel the power of its flow in our own bodies, or learn to receive and give in the rhythm of the waves. Heart Seas, the title of Lucie Sceranková’s exhibition – in which water becomes a metaphor for the experience of motherhood, life energy, the foam of days, a cleansing bath, but also a mirror of lived experience – is taken from a book by British anthropologist Veronica Strang, who describes the inner sea that flows through the heart and sustains its tides.

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