Fotograf Edition is a new collector’s set of photographic art, through which our institution is trying to boost collector interest in contemporary photography as well as the offer of quality, cost-affordable, visual art. When preparing the collector’s set, our team drew from its long-term activities in the field of artistic photography and its rich experience from abroad (where limited editions of artworks have become very popular: both among art collectors as well as among those persons who wish to have such an artefact at home or to give it as a valuable gift).

That is why, during last year, we began working (together with three representatives of the younger and middle generations of photography) on creating the first set of photographs for our new edition. Renowned visual artist Markéta Othová, who is also preparing for her exhibition at Fotograf Gallery, contributed to the publication. Photographer Johana Pošová, who ranks among the most expressive personalities of the young generation chose an image for the edition that ties into her independent exhibition Happy Family which was shown in our gallery at the start of 2018. Photographer Ivars Gravlejs decided to contribute to the edition with a collection of photograms featuring Czech carp. Each of his shots is a distinct original.

All photos are numbered and signed by the photographers. The list price does not include costs for adjustments and framing, which you can order per agreement with the Fotograf team.

Further information on these photographs being shown in the Fotograf Edition can be found on the Fotograf Gallery website. You can also view (and buy) the pictures in person in the Fotograf Gallery reading room, or per agreement with the gallery’s production manager (info@fotografnet.cz) or its curator, Jiří Ptáček (+420 774 068 514).

Technical details

Author: Markéta Othová
Title: Like Talbot
From the series: Like Talbot
Year of origin: 2018
Size: 13 x 19,5 cm
Condition: without damage
Edition: 10 + 1 AP, Signed
Price: 5 000 CZK / 200 € (for a print without framing)

Author: Johana Pošová
Title: Snakey
From the series: Happy Family
Year of origin: 2017
Size: 27 x 38 cm
Condition: without damage
Edition: 20, Signed
Price: 5 000 CZK / 200 € (for a print without framing)

Author: Ivars Gravlejs
Title: Photogram with a Live Carp
From the series: Photogram with a Live Carp
Year of origin: 2018
Size: 50 x 60 cm
Condition: a slight damage because of the fish
Edition: 12, Signed
Price: 5 000 CZK  / 200 € (for print without framing)