Fotograf Gallery

Valentýna Janů
— Paralepsis

Opening: Thursday, May 4, at 6 pm
Curator: Jiří Ptáček

Valentýna Janů launches her series of presentations in the hallway at Fotograf Gallery in Školská St. 28 with a large-format poster. Artists are called upon, in these spaces opposite the gallery’s entryway, to create their personalized photographic project, wherein they come to terms with the atypical placement outside of the institution; on the border between outdoor and indoor space. The Paralepse billboard by this student at Prague’s FAMU, Valentýna Janů (1994), draws on the roles of disseminator and receiver of news; roles we find ourselves in publicly everyday – either intentionally or subconsciously. The artist stages photographs of carriers of such news; however, she processes the messages in a way that details the paradoxes of communications in an environment full of information overload.