Fotograf Gallery

Tereza Stejskalová
— Why do theoreticians get involved these days in art projects?

21. 4. 2011 at 7 pm

Politicians-theoreticians, who get involved in collective art projects in an effort to overcome the contradiction between leftist theory and practical application. Art as a place where political theory becomes specific (collective) action, albeit in the neutral space of an artistic institution. The question of subversive affirmation and cooperation among collectives with artistic institutions. An aesthetic of projects coming directly from a theoretical-political vision and aversion that such an aesthetic (didactic, uniform, illustrative) evokes.

Claire Fontaine is the fictional identity of a French artist named after a brand of notebooks, behind which the duo of James Thornhill and Fulvia Carnevale hide. Claire Fontaine was born in 2004 and her works consist of leftist-oriented philosophical texts and manipulation of empty cultural symbols – ready-made objects.

Что Делать? / What is to be Done? is a collective of Russian artists and theoreticians that was created in 2003. What is to be Done? edits an eponymous bilingual magazine and its works include installations, workshops, Singspiele and mural making.


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