Fotograf Gallery

Robert Carrithers
— Independent Film Auditions

5. 4. 2012 at 5pm

We are casting/ having a concourse for an independent film that we are making in Prague. The film is based on the gallery show presently in Fotograf Gallery about Club 57 and N.Y. ’80s. It is about two fun Prague/Czech performance artists, one male and female. They are obsessed by New York underground stars Wendy Wild and John Sex and want to do performances and have a life like they did in the New York ’80s. I am looking for alternative performers and actresses and actors for this film. The more fun and extreme the better. We are looking for unique characters and unusual talent for this film. We need to do some filming in the gallery before the show finishes. We are also interested in putting together a special performance night at the gallery before the gallery show finishes on April 20th. The  casting/concourse will be on April 5th Thursday from 5 PM to 7 PM at the Fotograf Gallery Skolska 28, go through the passage and in the back. If you have any questions or want further information please write Robert at or please just come to the casting and we can talk there.

We are seeking a scriptwriter to work with who can write in English and Czech. We are developing a story based on the present gallery show at the Fotograf gallery Skolska 28 about New York ’80s. We want to create an independent humorous film with an underground feeling set in modern day Prague with performance artists who are obsessed with some of the characters in the photographs. Please contact Robert for further information and to arrange a meeting:


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