Fotograf Gallery

Pavel Příkaský a Miroslava Večeřová
— Isotonic Songs

On Friday, December 21, at 6 pm

The Isotonic Songs is an art book made by long-term cooperating artistic duo Pavel Příkaský and Miroslava Večeřová. The book was created in interaction between artists, editor Mariana Serranová, authors of text contributions and graphic designer Jan Brož. At the same time, it is the first of a series of original publications that the Fotograf platform wishes to use to stimulate interest in an unconventional combination of photography, other visual media and printed books.

The book loosely follows the Isotonic Song exhibition of the same name at the Fotograf Gallery in Prague from the beginning of 2019, developing its themes while outlining the links between the works and the public output of this artistic duo.

The book has been published by Fotograf 07 z.s. Its publication was financially supported by the State Fund of Culture of the Czech Republic.

Editor: Mariana Serannová
Texts: Angelica Bollettinari, Christina Gigliotti, Mia Imani Harrison, Michal Novotný, Mariana Serranová, Borbala Soos
Graphic design: Jan Brož
104 pages
Print run: 300 kusů
Prize: 320 Kč

ISBN: 978–80–906924–1–1



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