Fotograf Gallery

Polina Davydenko
— Offline

Opening: on Thursday, November 14, at 7 pm
Curator: Jiří Ptáček

The documentary series Offline by young photographer Polina Davydenko (1995) is a sensitive insight into the everyday life of her younger brother Mirda. The level of unresponsiveness to the surroundings and the uncovered boredom of this seemingly unhealthy boy can cause laughter in the viewer. The image that Davydenko creates with the series is in any case unironic; she deems it an alarming image of a member from the ‘Generation Z’.  The environment in which the boy moves is the backdrop that he rarely interacts with. He seems to be rather captivated by the technology and consumerism to which today’s child is exposed and to which he is provoked.

Polina Davydenko was born in 1995 in Ukraine. She has been living in the Czech Republic since her childhood. She is currently studying at the Studio of Photography at the Faculty of Arts, Brno University of Technology. She presented her bachelor work publicly at the Based On True Story exhibition in the Klubovna Gallery in Brno. 



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