Fotograf Gallery

Launch of the 29th issue of the Fotograf Magazine
— Contemplation

Thursday, June 8, at 7 pm

Launch of Fotograf Magazine #29 contemplation

Music: EWSKI (loops + voice)

In parallel with the launch of the magazine will be opened exhibitions of Tomáš Hrůza “Uncertain Unfolding” and Milan Mikuláštík “Makapansgat Project Excerpt: from the History of Photography”.

„In Central and Eastern Europe, the tradition of contemplative photography is particularly strong. There are conceptual and performance artists – those who seek a distinctive form of harmony between themselves and their chosen space through meditative activities connected with natural rhythms, using nature as a studio for their actions. In all of these approaches, time plays a central role. Quite often it is in the form of the ritual repetition of similar approaches, when time and never-ending shifts in the protagonist’s life rhythm constantly change the default situation, while, at the same time, there remains a noticeable common order, which dominates the resulting feeling one has from individual photos and entire series.“