Fotograf Gallery

How to teach post-photography
— mini-conference held as part of the FAMUGRAPHY II exhibition

Monday, June 27, at 4 pm

Since approximately the turn of the millennium, we can see fundamental changes in photography:  with the arrival of digital technology as well as the continuous expansion of its artistic scope and its dissolution into and interconnection with many other art forms.

How can a university educational program, often based on the modernist premise of media autonomy and its own reflection, react to such a situation? How do you connect professional technical skills with orientation in a broader artistic operation?

This mini-conference with contributions from representatives of the most important university photography programs should indicate the state of contemporary teaching methodologies for photography in the former Czechoslovakia.  A moderated discussion will follow the short contributions (max. 10 minutes each).  The conference will also be shown online.


Michal Kalhous (FU OU Ostrava)

Silvie Milková (FUD UJEP Ústí nad Labem)

Michaela Pašteková (VŠVU Bratislava)

Štěpánka Šimlová (FAMU Prague)

Aleksandra Vajd (UMPRUM Prague)

Student Body (UMPRUM Prague)


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