Fotograf #36 New Utopias
— launch of the magazine

on Thursday, June 11, at 6pm

Join Fotograf #36 in searching for answers, inspirations and positive examples of how to overcome crises and respond to the complex questions we face in these difficult times. The aim of this issue is to consider the phenomenon of utopia through the new perspectives of 21st-century societies and with the aid of sharing – sharing knowledge, resources and emotional support. The new issue of the magazine includes profiles of artists and art collectives, an interview with the director of the Casco Art Institute, Binnou Choi, and theoretical reflections on the place of utopian thought in the 21st century.

18:00 Megaphone – an introduction by the issue editors (Andrea Průchová Hrůzová & Tomáš Hrůza)
18:30 Critical Run I
19:15 Critical Run II

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