Fotograf Gallery

Fourth Christmas Bazaar & Wakushoppu DIY Exchange

12. 12. 2015

The fourth collective Christmas bazaar will take place in our courtyard, this time together with the unique Wakushoppu exchange of DIY title, where you will have the opportunity to trade, buy or sell your own CDs and cassttes of DIY titles. In keeping with the principles of Wakushoppu, all proceeds from the sale exclusively go to the seller. With performances by Wim Dahean and Yiorgis Sakellariou.

In the evening, we bid farewell in piety to the Nissan Micra named “Destiny,” or rather, the half that has survived numerous artistic interventions, for in October it was passed on to the scrapyard near Brod. We will hold a brief fire ceremony in the courtyard and a White Billboard exhibit, and a composition commemorating “Destiny” has been prepared by its former owner Petr Vrba in collaboration with former Školská 28 artist in residency Miro Tóth.

We are pleased to announce that, at our urgent request, this final farewell will be officiated by the Jedinečné Svatopěstitelské Družstvo: “The conclusion is that, yes, the JSD will participate, the ceremony will be carried out and “Destiny” will be seen off to eternity. A classic, basic puja ceremony will take place, adapted to the situation (a requiem Mass which is a specific variant of the “ordinary”, the highest form of Christian prayer). It will be a commemoration and celebration of the interconnectedness of the beginning and the end. “Destiny” will be freed from the confines of terrestrial traffic law and delivered to the celestial, which happens with a sprinkling of gasoline and the anointing with motor oil, not only of fateful relics, as well as roadsigns of the anti-city, the pictogramatic work by Mr. Beloved Young Holy, which, together with the fateful documents, through heat and fire, will be sent after “Destiny”, so that it will have a happy life on the eternal roads.”

Our neighbors ArtMap, in their brick-and-mortar shop, will offer quality publications for sale on this day at a 10% discount.

Throughout the day, mulled wine, pumpkin soup, and workshops and something good for children.


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