Distant Nature

Curator: Katarína Balúnová

What is our relationship to nature? The concept of nature is notoriously equivocal, the return to nature in many aspects problematic and the questions of how to widely protect the nature from us, who are part of it, not easy to be answered. Reinterpretation and reconstruction of our relationship to nature is related to economic, social, political and cultural changes over time. The selection of more than 20 international art videos and films from 17 artists will take place simultaneously in Knoll Galerie Wien, Prague and MAO / DIG in K13Kasarne Kulturpark Košice.

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Fotograf Magazine

Book Launch    

Fotograf #36 New Utopias
— launch of the magazine

on Thursday, June 11, at 6pm

The newest edition of Fotograf Magazine offers new utopias for the 21st century. It is not only due to the pandemic that we feel a need to stop and consider new ways in which society can function. We invite you to experience a utopian stream of ideas and try out the format of the “critical run”. This is an opportunity for those among you more prone to action to join us for a short run, one whose aim is not sport but mental achievement in the form of a kind of “running debate”. Slow running. In sport shoes. About new utopias.

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Peter Kolárčik, Tereza Velíková, Petra Vlčková & Martin Netočný, Markéta Wágnerová
— When Days Lose Names

Four art projects for the exhibition When Days Lose Names were selected in the open call of the Fotograf Gallery as the most interesting aspect of the submitted contributions to reflect on the unique situation that has affected us in recent months. Although we know that it is not yet behind us, the works of art at the exhibition are the first attempt at its artistic expression – whether strictly tied to recent events or its metaphorical counterpart.

Fotograf Gallery


When Days Lose Names
— Selection and announcement of results

8. 5. 2020

A four-member commission composed of the Fotograf platform team, including Jiří Ptáček, Tereza Rudolf, Tomáš Hrůza and Lenka Glisníková, following a three-day period for specific and individual nominations, made a consensus decision for the exhibition proposals submitted by:

Tereza Velíková
Petra Vlčková and Martin Netočný
Markéta Wágnerová

In addition to these three, the following was also approached to cooperate under different financial conditions:

Peter Kolárčik

Fotograf Gallery

Event   Exhibition    

Lenka Glisníková & Karolína Matušková – Becoming an Apple… or Perhaps a Shelf
— dernissage

on Monday, June 1, at 7.30 pm

The exhibition was created as a partial stand-in for the cancelled gallery program experienced in the past two months. The artists elaborate on a new experience resulting from the changing nature of interpersonal interactions by poetic means. During Monday’s event, you will be able to view their photographic montage for the last time and also talk about it – practically for the first time – with both authors.


Fotograf Gallery


Lenka Glisníková & Karolína Matušková
— Becoming an Apple... or Perhaps a Shelf

The exhibition, which is in the Fotograf Gallery shop, poetically responds to changes in the perception of the body, which is not only currently subject to external, unusually strict medical supervision, but also to novel subjective experiences. As time progresses, during which we must not meet, touch and partly not even see each other, something is happening with us…


Fotograf Gallery


When Days Lose Names
— open call

May 3, 2020

In a situation where our gallery remains closed to the public and cannot offer a standard exhibition program, we invite visual artists, especially photographers, to apply to our open call for a series of works in the area of creation influenced by the social
situation that has arisen. Our aim is not to support a trivial reflection of events, but to use artistic means to capture the transformation of creative possibilities and to show hitherto unsuspected or poorly visible impacts of these extraordinary
events on art and society.