Fotograf Edition 2019
— Markéta Othová, Johana Pošová a Ivars Gravlejs

Fotograf Edition is a new collector’s set of photographic art, through which our institution is trying to boost collector interest in contemporary photography as well as the offer of quality, cost-affordable, visual art. Renowned visual artist Markéta Othová, who is also preparing for her exhibition at Fotograf Gallery, photographer Johana Pošová and photographer Ivars Gravlejs contributed to the publication.

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Fotograf Gallery


Homecoming in Crimea and projects by Andrii Konontsev

on Monday, July 22, at 7 pm

Andrii Konontsev, the native of Sevastopol and graduate of photography school in Zlín in Czechia, systematically addresses problems of Ukrainian-Russian relationship and the situation of Crimea. As guests there are invited a photographer Milan Bureš, documentary photographer and film-maker focused on post-Soviet states and Russia, the author of photography books Sevastopol and East of Eden. Another guest is Michal Lebduška as a research fellow of AMO Research Center focusing on political, security and social development in Ukraine and Ukrainian-Polish relations. The event will be moderated by Stanislav Bříza who established publishing platform Bflmpsvz where new Andrii´s book Homecoming is about to be published.

Fotograf Gallery


Fotograf Residency
— results

30. 6. 2019

On June 21, 2019, the Fotograf Residency international jury was in confrerence. Jury members were Šymon Kliman (Nová Cvernovka – Bratislava), Judit Szalipszki (Trafó – Budapest), Joanna Gorlach (Fundacja Sztuk Wizualnych – Krakow), Aleksi Sosselia (CCA – Tbilisi) and Tereza Rudolf (Fotograf). Each foreign partner presented his nominations for artists and curators. The names of selected residents were publicly presented the same day at Fotograf Gallery as part of a program to launch a new issue of Fotograf #33 Investigation

Fotograf Magazine

Book Launch    

Launch of the Fotograf Magazine #33 – Investigation & announcement of the Fotograf Residency results

on Friday, June 21, at 6 pm

Under the title of the issue „Investigation“ we are looking for artistic work systematically examining information as an integral part of the process of creation. Investigative journalism could be an inspiration, which is a fundamental whistleblower of slightly tested democratic systems nowadays, but in fact the most important impulse for maintaining the basic principles of political and social equality. Within the diversity of the presented approaches, we plan to comprise range of examples. A journalistic or documentary photography projects that transcend the format of the report, the ironizing comments of the political situation to the purely artistic projects of wider interpretations, that the important part of is the process of exploring the power tactics or suspicious activities damaging the ideals of civil society.


Fotograf Gallery


Jan Kolský
— Here There Will Be Workers

The starting point of Jan Kolský’s exhibition is the organized employment of people to solve the so-called recaptcha, which in the internet environment serves to differentiate people from automated algorithms and bots. They are paid to bypass the control mechanisms and open up space for the spread of spam and other unwanted data, mostly advertising. This situation shows a more general picture of man’s current relationship to automated systems, where one becomes an expansion of the machine. However, it also has serious economic and social consequences.