Fotograf Gallery

5 East Broadway | Marie Tomanova

Opening: 16. 11. 2023, 18:00
Thomas Beachdel

Fotograf Contemporary is pleased to present Marie Tomanova’s first solo exhibition at Fotograf Gallery. Titled 5 East Broadway, it features an entirely new body of work by the artist. The exhibition combines for the first-time color, black and white photography, and short films to present a nuanced and multi-faceted vision of powerful individuality. Between February and May 2023, Tomanova rented a 3.5 by 3.5 meter studio located at 5 East Broadway—literally, a small, crowded room—on the fourth floor of a New York City walk-up building and invited dozens of youth to come and tell her their dreams, to dance, to take photographs, and to film.

5 East Broadway is a specific, precise, focused, and yet expansive project. It is deep with perception and feeling. Within the space of this single address in the heart of NYC’s dense and vibrant Chinatown neighborhood, Tomanova creates an intense condenser—a crystallization—of youth experience. Geographically limiting her project 5 East Broadway to only this place—entrance, stairway, hallway, small studio and the roof—allows Tomanova to focus on a certain sense of interiority against the backdrop of the city itself and all of the dreams that have collected to bring people to this city, this place. 5 East Broadway is both portraits of others and a self-portrait of Tomanova herself, having been drawn to New York City, or having lived here, in a remarkably similar way as the subjects in the photographs.
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— Marie Tomanova – Kayra (2023).
— Marie Tomanova – Shorty (2023)


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