Fotograf Gallery

Tomáš Hrůza
— Uncertain Unfolding

Opening: on Thursday, June 8, at 6 pm
Curator: Jiří Ptáček

Tomáš Hrůza (*1979) ranks among so-called photographer-collectors; they’re a sort of counterpart to the mythical photographer-hunters. He collects the material for his exhibitions at leisure; from the discoveries that he happens upon during his travels undertaken as a minority-oriented tourist, an aimless pilgrim, a voluntary nomad or a professional driver. His romanticism has always included a fondness for all things magical and out-of-the-senses. Thus, he experiments with mental photographs and with long-term driving; about which anyone who’s driven anywhere on a 12-hour haul can tell you the huge impact it has on human awareness. In his exhibition, Uncertain Unfolding, Tomáš Hrůza focuses on the phenomenon of movement in its diverse expressions. He finds moments in everyday life where the camera or photographic device can cause vertigo or achieve a hypnotic effect. We can rightfully imagine that the human mind is easily duped. However, it’s also just as possible that it is starved and desperately desires what is put in front of it.

Jiří Ptáček



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