Fotograf Gallery

The Never-ending Egg

Opening: 30. 6. - 6 pm

Flesh, meat, skin and leather: different names to describe similar assemblages of cellular tissue. The exhibition reflects on the making and unmaking of bodies and identi- ties, through the reproduction, fabrication and extraction of biological matter. Playing with the fluidity between the naturally procreated and the artificially engineered, The Never E-ending Egg articulates bodies and identities as territorial building materials.

curators: Hana Buddeus, Erica Petrillo, Johana Pošová

exhibiting artists: Erica Curci, Lukáš Hofmann, Pedro Neves Marques and HAUT, Johana Pošová, Marie Tučková


Fotograf Gallery is supported by the Czech Ministry of Culture and during the year 2021 by a grant from the City of Prague amounting to 630 000 CZK.