Fotograf Gallery

Radek Brousil
— Book launch of Asides artist´s book

12. 11. 2013 od 19.00

At first sight a landscape. An aesthetic rendition, a depiction of the wonders of nature and the impact of man, the commingling of the natural and the cultural landscape, but also a series of shifts, dialogues and subtle interventions. On the other hand, a personal attestation on the part of the artist and above all an attempt to get closer to himself through the lens. This too could serve as a brief description of the series entitled Asides which became the starting point for this publication as well as being an important milestone in the work of Radek Brousil.

The art book presents the results of “traveler residency” organized in October 2012 by Banská St a nica Contemporary. The project is supported by Intenda Foundation, Ministry of culture of Slovak republic and Peyer.


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