Fotograf Gallery

Martin Zet
— Hospital Orderly

Thursday, July 13 at 6 pm

The raw material for the exhibition by Tomáš Hrůza at Fotograf Gallery consists of everyday manifestations of the elements of water and wind in landscapes. Not only did the artist record these movements in photographs or on video, but through further processing (and focusing on one spot) he tested the options of relaying their hypnotic effect. Uncertain Unfolding was thus an attempt at how to achieve once again the psychological impact that a visit to nature can have on the human mind: using the simplest technical approaches.

The Uncertain Unfolding exhibition has ended, but Mr. Hrůzas guest, performer and sculptor Martin Zet, is opening it again for one night only. In his performance, water does not seem to be the element that evokes strong emotional reactions in people. It is bound to the service function of a cleaning material. However, just as a lighter flame is a relative of the forest fire, water in a tub is a sister to the ocean.

Tomáš Hrůzas Uncertain Unfolding exhibition, and along with it the billboard by Milan Mikuláštík, Makapansgat Project Excerpt: from the History of Photography, will be open to the public starting at 4 pm. Martin Zets performance will follow at 6 pm. It will last 30 minutes.

Jiří Ptáček



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