Fotograf Gallery

Dušan Skala’s and Jan Freiberg’s Slow Photography

Opening: Thursday, February 27, at 6 pm

In the exhibition by Jan Freiberg and Dušan Skala the countryside is neither a territory, nor a complex of social ties.  It means finding oneself “outside” and feeling the time-space, where man is more alone with himself.  Being alone is man’s most intimate experience.  When man is alone, he has completely different goals than when he is forced to prove something to others.  Let’s understand this isolation as isolation from art or isolation with art.
Jan Freiberg experienced this during several years spent in Klenová in the Klatovy area. Dušan Skala went in search of it to the village, Zahrádka, near Nepomuk.  Both at a certain moment gave up their own creative process.  And both have now returned with a joint photography exhibition.  Due to their understanding of an internal countryside.  Freiberg dusted off older photos.  Dušan Skala photographed himself thanks to the experience.  In the countryside we spend a lot more time observing cigarette smoke.
Jiří Ptáček


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