Fotograf Gallery

Homecoming in Crimea and projects by Andrii Konontsev

on Monday, July 22, at 7 pm

Andrii Konontsev, the native of Sevastopol and graduate of photography school in Zlín in Czechia, systematically addresses problems of Ukrainian-Russian relationship and the situation of Crimea. As guests there are invited a photographer Milan Bureš, documentary photographer and film-maker focused on post-Soviet states and Russia, the author of photography books Sevastopol and East of Eden. Another guest is Michal Lebduška as a research fellow of AMO Research Center focusing on political, security and social development in Ukraine and Ukrainian-Polish relations. The event will be moderated by Stanislav Bříza who established publishing platform Bflmpsvz where new Andrii´s book Homecoming is about to be published.


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