Fotograf Gallery

Zuzana Šrámková
— Spodní

Opening: Thursday, March 23, at 6 pm
Curator: Lukáš Bártl

A few years back, Zuzana Šrámková (1988) moved to one of the so-called excluded areas in the center of Ostrava; the street bore, in fact, the foreboding name Spodní (this word means “at the bottom” in Czech). She was drawn here not so much by a desire for adventure or her social empathy, but rather in an attempt to “save money on wine”, as she herself likes to say. Over time though, a group of artists, musicians and “random passers-by” started to form there. So, it’s the life of this colorful society: full of parties, concerts, alcohol and also kindness, openness and human relationships that Zuzana records in her photographs.



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