Fotograf Gallery

The Dark Chamber
— Black Watch with Audio-recordings by Ondřej Homola, Erik Sikora and Vít Soukup

15. 12. 2013 at 5 pm

The idea for a listening evening at Fotograf Gallery came about during the August preparations of Vít Soukup’s exhibition (1971-2007). Ivan Mečl, publisher and administrator of Soukup’s archive, accidentally found at that time a recording of the play, Enemies of Man (Nepřátelé člověka), dating from 1993. It was lying in a suitcase among Soukup’s audio-cassettes and had been thought to be lost.
Fotograf Gallery curator, Jiří Ptáček, decided to present the unknown version of the play as part of the program during the third day of the 2nd Christmas Bazaar in Školská Street (Friday, 13 December – Sunday, 15 December). Along with the recording, he included audio-stories by Erik Sikora (Najlepší umelec / Best Artist) and Ondřej Homola (Brusle Ľudovít Štúra / Ľudovít Štúr’s Skates). Inclusion of Sikora’s stories broadens the scope of the artist’s creations in his Introspective at Fotograf Gallery. Thus, the exhibition will also be open (exceptionally) on Sunday (12pm – 5pm). Ondřej Homola is a student at Brno’s FaVU (School of Fine Arts), who recently has been systematically focusing on recordings of the spoken word. Genre-wise he runs the gamut from audio-stories to short, verbal situations that last only a few seconds. The five-minute historical fiction of Ľudovít Štúr’s Skates, ranks among his longest so far. A bonus in the program is the demo of Ivan Mečl’s latest discovery, made when preparing The Dark Chamber. It presents Vít Soukup as a composer and a musician.


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