Fotograf Gallery

Stephanie Kiwitt
— Artist's talk & book launch

on Thursday, November 15, at 6 pm

An official launch and presentation of the book Máj/My, published by the Leipzig-based publishing house, Spector Books.

The department store My in Národní Street whose name assumes it will be read as both the Czech “we” (my) and the English possessive pronoun “my” is a take-off on the original store name Máj. It has become a symbol of the gradual transformation of the city and its residents.  By recording mundane occurrences in the streets of Kiwitt (*1972, Bonn), the book identifies contemporary Prague as a place where the Westernization process was not able to cover all the layers of prior historical eras. The book, Máj/My, is an atypical text on Prague also because it represents the author’s return to places where she spent a good part of her life.

The book will be presented by Jan Wenzel as one of the publishers. 

The event is held within a cooperation with Goethe Institut Prag.
Language: english.

Free entry. 


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