Fotograf Gallery

When Days Lose Names
— open call

May 3, 2020

In a situation where our gallery remains closed to the public and cannot offer a standard exhibition program, we invite visual artists, especially photographers, to apply to our open call for a series of works in the area of creation influenced by the social situation that has arisen. Our aim is not to support a trivial reflection of events, but to use artistic means to capture the transformation of creative possibilities and to show hitherto
unsuspected or poorly visible impacts of these extraordinary events on art and society.

The Fotograf team will select a total of three projects, of which preparation will be supported with CZK 10,000 and the subsequent exhibition implementation with another amount of up to CZK 10,000. All three series of work will be presented together at an
exhibition on the occasion of the reopening of the Fotograf Gallery. Our current goal is to open the gallery in June 2020. Any eventual postponed date will depend on the abolition of sanitary measures at cultural institutions.

What do we expect from you? A sketch and a brief description of
the project sent as a PDF to

Delivery date: Sunday May 3, 2020
File consultation and completion: Sunday May 31, 2020

Who can participate? Our open call is not limited by age, gender
or nationality. Not only individuals, but also artistic duos and
collectives can apply.

Who will look at your proposals? Curator of Fotograf Gallery Jiří Ptáček, editor-in-chief of Fotograf Markéta Kinterová, director of Fotograf Festival Tereza Rudolf and longtime employee of the gallery and magazine, as well as one of the main editors of the
next issue of our magazine with the theme of New Utopia, the photographer Tomáš Hrůza.

The goal of our open call is to use funds for unrealized cultural events in a way that allows visual artists to take advantage of the unusual conditions in which they find themselves now equipped for another type of professional self-realization. Fotograf, as a
cultural platform for contemporary art, acknowledges acutely the problems many artists face. Therefore, to the maximum extent possible, it wishes to direct its resources to those who have always been the main reason for us to work – visual artists.

— foto: Tomáš Hrůza


Fotograf Gallery is supported by the Czech Ministry of Culture and during the year 2021 by a grant from the City of Prague amounting to 630 000 CZK.