Fotograf Gallery

Erik Sikora
— Introspective

Opening: Tuesday, December 3, at 6 pm
Curator: Jiří Ptáček

Erik Sikora’s (*1986) videos organically connect the genres of news reporting, instructional film and video essay. In them the artist presents himself to us as an inventive entrepreneur, an improver or an instructor. He accompanies us from the phase of defining the “problem” on through its analysis and a proposal for a solution. The collection of videos, Tvoridlo (Creatidlo, 2011), plays a paradigmatic role in his work. Sikora characterises Tvoridlo as an instrument-tool-person and he confronts it with varied conditions and situations that allow it to open up to creative activity and spontaneous behaviour. Tvoridlo as if it stood in the background of his later work. Perhaps therein he focuses on sorting out specific topics; so we should begin to consider him as an engaged artist. He continually carries out the same research: what is creativity and what forms can it assume, when it is confronted with impulses from the real world.
Sikora agreed with Jiří Ptáček on a ground-breaking exhibition including his work from his time studying at Prague’s AVU to the present. Sikora lives in Košice, Slovakia. This year he was a finalist for the Oskar Čepán Award, the Slovak version of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award for artists 35 years old and younger.
Jiří Ptáček


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