Tereza Velíková
— Interplay

Opening: Thursday, November 16, at 6 pm
Curator: Lenka Dolanová

In Tereza Velíková’s videos, speech is not a simple means for understanding. It has parts that include various halts and pauses. Here, we have also intentionally left in errors and slips of the tongue. Dialogue subtly fills in (enhances) quotes from the artist’s older works; there are ample elements of irony and hints of situation comedy. An interlude attempts to grasp what else can be done with theatrical texts: what can be inside or outside the theater. It provokes contemplation on the universality and theatricality of tense emotions. Removing scenarios from theatrical reality inspires us to think about the roles one gets and is forced to play in various situations; about the desire and possibilities to step out of those roles; to avoid learning communication formulas and using words differently.

Lenka Dolanová