Jakub Jansa
— My name is Red Herring

Start: on Monday, March 19, at 6 pm
Curatofr: Jiří Ptáček

The raw-series, Club of Opportunities, has entered its schizophrenic phase. While hope springs in thin, wind-blown layers of sand in a parallel episode “April Showers Bring May Flowers” shown at Prague’s GAMU (The Gallery of the Academy of Performing Arts), at “My Name is Red Herring” root vegetables withdraw themselves deep down into the native underground, so that a vision of political goals and tactics can sprout from the gooey, blind darkness. Glimmers of hope therein are substituted with a promise of power; however, the condition for its fulfilment is of course acceptance of unscrupulous argumentative methods.

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We’re setting up a Membership, support us!

Would you like to be a member or patron of Fotograf? You can now join the new Fotograf Club. We must admit that culture cannot function without a long-term focus on deepening relationships between artists, institutions and the visitors. By creating this club, we hope to develop a new qualitative foundation. By joining it, you will get better acquainted with how contemporary photography and the visual arts are evolving. You will get to know the artists better, as well as producers of cultural events. The Fotograf Club is a way to support the activities of the Fotograf 07 association and also a platform for improving communications for those who wish to view art and know more about it.

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New Location of Fotograf

The gallery, magazine and festival have new facilities as of September 2017. We have expanded our exhibition area and have guaranteed respectable space for our art; space we feel corresponds to the demands of presenting a 21st century exhibit. With new administrative and exhibition space we look to confirm and strengthen the reputation of all activities of the Fotograf 07 z.s. association that have taken place so far. We wish to make the Fotograf work and presentation space into a venue in Prague 1 that people will seek out as a natural cultural center; be it for exhibitions, studies or purchase of photographic publications. 

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