Opening of the Fotograf Festival, launch of a new Fotograf Magazine, preview of the Fotograf Gallery

Wednesday, September 27, at 7.30 pm

New space of the Fotograf Gallery will serve as a scene for the opening of the Fotograf Festival and the launch of a new Fotograf Magazine linked by an umbilical cord to the previously named. It also thematically wraps the cocoon of networks and associations linked to Eye in the Sky as a metaphor for the big data phenomenon, monitoring and surveillance. Lavra will play at the launches and the opening of the festival.

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Trevor Paglen
— How Deep Is the Ocean, How High Is the Sky

Start: Thursday, October 5, at 6 pm
Curator: Jen Kratochvil

Show named after a popular song of Irving Berlin from 1932, year so many times compared to 2016, is piercing through Trevor Paglen’s practices as photographer, writer and activist in a never-ending quest to uncover hidden structure of political climate of mass surveillance society. His work leads us by means of almost romantic, impressionistic imagery to places seemingly lacking any significance, in reality sheltering secret radar sites, data storages, underwater transcontinental internet connections etc.

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